About Fidia – Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.a.

Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A. is a privately held, fully integrated Italian pharmaceutical company, with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales capabilities.

Fidia operates across different therapeutic areas, focusing on commonly occurring pathologies with serious social and economic impact, age-related disorders and other health-related conditions.

The company’s overall objective is establishing its leadership, through developing and marketing innovative pharmaceutical products, medical devices and healthcare ‘lifestyle’ products, primarily based on hyaluronic acid (HA) and its derivatives.


Fidia Farmaceutici was founded in Bologna (Italy) in 1946. In 1959, the company relocated to Abano Terme (Italy).

In 2016 Fidia acquired Biofarmitalia, now an integral part of Fidia following a merger by incorporation, specialized in novel technologies for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. The aim of the acquisition was to strengthen Fidia’s leadership in pharmaceutical innovation. The manufacturing plant is located in Paderno Dugnano, north of Milan, Italy.

In 2017 Fidia acquired Sooft, a company active in the ophthalmic sector, with a product portfolio that includes several well-known brands. This has enabled Fidia, who was already active in the eye care segment, to re-gain market share and strengthen its position in this area.

In 2018 Fidia acquired the Spanish company Soluciones Bioregenerativas. The acquisition will enable Fidia to consolidate its know-how and global presence in the field of regenerative medicine, specifically in joint care, wound care and aesthetic medicine.


Fidia in nine key numbers


qualified and motivated employees globally.


million € revenues in 2020, of which 40% generated in foreign markets.


square meters of industrial site in Abano Terme’s GMP-compliant manufacturing plant and laboratories.


years of research into natural and functionalized hyaluronic acid.


international patents, of which over 1,100 involve hyaluronic acid.


patients involved in over 310 international clinical studies investigating hyaluronic acid.


million patients treated with intra-articular hyaluronic acid-based products (since launch of first product in 1987).


million sterile injectables and eye drop units manufactured in 2020.


countries worldwide where Fidia and its associated companies have achieved a strong presence.


Fidia has several decades of unparalleled experience in hyaluronic acid (HA) research, developing innovative solutions in key therapeutic areas where this molecule’s properties can be effectively, efficiently and rationally exploited.

FHA 1.0® is a highly purified Hyaluronic Acid of fermentative origin, compliant with the requirements of the European Pharmacopeia monograph and used in manufactured ophthalmic medical devices(1).
It is produced by Fidia’s GMP-approved by AIFA, the Italian Medicines Agency, and US FDA-inspected, facilities. The excellence of the production processes used to manufacture FHA 1.0® guarantees that the finished products are of the finest possible quality.

The top-quality purification process makes the length of the HA chain and the related molecular weight more homogeneous, thereby assuring excellent levels of lubrication, hygroscopicity, viscosity and purity, offering optimal biocompatibility and effectiveness in ophthalmic treatments.

The fermentative origin and the high level of purity of FHA 1.0® ensure the complete absence of any bacterial endotoxins, microbiological contamination, animal proteins and solvent residues which might cause inflammation, thus rendering the product even safer for the patient.(1)

This is why Fidia is now strongly focused on ophthalmology, with important R&D projects at various stages of development. The company has a well-established tradition in the eye care segment. The 2017 acquisition of Sooft, a pharmaceutical company specialized in eye health, has enabled Fidia to gain new market share and strengthen its position in this area.

Fidia is now offering an extensive variety of innovative treatment solutions in ophthalmology, as well as a high-quality care experience. The company’s extensive portfolio includes +1,300 international patents and +100 well-known brands: among them are medical devices, food supplements and drugs for the treatment of various conditions that affect the eye. Riboflavin solution, and new technologies for the treatment of keratoconus to maintain a healthy eyesight, complete the portfolio.

1: Fidia’s Ophthalmic HA Technical File


Since the early 1960s, Fidia has been a leader in advanced research on hyaluronic acid, a versatile and fundamental molecule in several therapeutic areas. Our company is at the forefront in the research, development and marketing of products based on hyaluronic acid and its derivatives.


Our patented breakthrough technology enables us to modify the hyaluronic acid molecule to obtain suitable derivatives with different physical and biological properties. We are continually working to identify new opportunities and hold an extensive patent portfolio worldwide – more than 1,300, of which 1,100 involve hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, industrial processes, formulations, compositions, derivatives and applications.


Our mission is to establish the leadership of Fidia’s hyaluronic acid in strategic areas such as joint care, wound healing, ophthalmology, aesthetic medicine, through researching, developing and marketing technology platforms, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and ‘lifestyle’ products.


Fidia is strongly focused on neuroscience and ophthalmology, with important R&D projects at various stages of development. But the company is also expanding its portfolio, including products and line extensions in women’s health and aesthetic medicine. More recently, based on its strong experience in the clinical applications of hyaluronic acid and in the field of tissue regeneration, Fidia took up the challenge of entering the field of regenerative medicine (autologous biological therapy).


We are committed to deliver unique ideas, high quality solutions and innovative products to improve the quality of care and meet patients’ needs.


Our leading principles: quality, innovation, competitiveness, international development.

Quality is monitored during each phase of the manufacturing process – from the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) to the finished product, to guarantee performance and safety standards.

Innovation is a key to enhance Fidia’s portfolio and a prerequisite for the success of our customers and partners. We are continually working to identify new treatment options, to maintain our commitment to physicians, healthcare professionals and patients.

Competitiveness is sustained by specialized, high-quality products, proprietary know-how and manufacturing technologies, which allow Fidia to successfully identify opportunities in global markets and respond to the new healthcare environment.

International development has enabled Fidia to expand its global reach and successfully distribute its products worldwide, through an established network of partners operating in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors, both on a global and local scale, as well as a direct presence with wholly-owned subsidiaries in attractive markets, while maintaining a strong foothold in the national market.